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What to Expect when Working with Us

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  • Lay it on the Line.

    At the beginning of our association, and continuing throughout the life of our business relationship, we will require that you give us all the information we request.  Complete disclosure of all the circumstances is necessary before we can offer our best legal recommendations.

    In response to your disclosures, our legal team will also be forthcoming with the options, the likelihood of success and the best estimate we can make for expenses you'll likely incur.

    We will work to understand your situation and the attorney will give you the best advice possible.

  • Consultation

    There is a $200 fee for the consultation. We require it to be prepaid and it is not refundable. Hiring an attorney is an investment in your future and it is essential that you be as committed and motivated as your legal team. 

    During the consultation, we'll also advise you of our confidentiality commitment. We have entered into a professional relationship with you, and that means we will not speak to others about your situation without your permission. You can be confident that we will not judge you and that you don't need to be afraid to tell us everything. We are on your side.

  • Next Steps

    If you decide to hire Swenson Law Office, PC, we will schedule a hiring meeting right away.

    We will write up a contract that includes:

    • exactly what we are going to do for you
    • how much it will cost
    • when your payments are due
    • how much the payments will be

    We will clearly define what work is included, what work is not included, and why it is not included.

    We'll give you homework:  usually gathering documentation like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, photos and so on.  We'll be specific, based on your situation.

Understand the Options

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Michael A.


Christine saved us a lot of headache going through the entire immigration process. The immigration office messed up when they got my son's bio-metric data ...


I called Christine and she was right on top of it. She made a few phone calls and fixed it. We really felt like she had us covered the entire time.

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