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  • We've experienced Immigration Court from every side
  • We know how to prepare applications that encourage favorable outcomes
  • We have experience with both the court and enforcement officials


  • Our practice is limited to immigration matters only
  • Every member of our team has personal experience with Immigration Court


  • We believe those interested in building a better life for themselves and for their families deserve every chance to do so
  • Christine Swenson joined forces with other immigration attorneys at the Denver airport during the first unconstitutional Muslim ban

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 Mira: ¿Por qué Contratar a Una Abogada de Inmigracion?

Sandra R.


Most Amazing Service and People Ever!


I came to Swenson Law Office with no clue of what was going to happen. Lost hope a couple of times because I thought I couldn't do it. Christine gave me back the hope that I lost. There is no doubt in my mind that I found not only a good lawyer but an angel here.

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When you call, we'll schedule you for a consultation.  We want you to meet directly with an attorney who can ask all the questions to set the best course of action.

We want to understand your situation, your goals and your plans for living in the United States.

There is a $200 fee for the consultation, but that money is applied toward the legal fees if you hire us, so the consultation ends up being free of charge.

We'll make a firm appointment for the consultation, and we can meet face to face, by telephone or by video conference.  The most important thing you can do is be 100% honest and bring every bit of paperwork and documentation you have with you to your consultation.  The attorneys need to see everything so they can understand what has happened so far.

A consultation is the best way to get solid legal advice directly from an attorney and to understand what options you have.

Don't wait. Don't let the matter get worse with time.

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