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P Visas for Athletes, Artists & Entertainers

Sponsor Talented Foreign Nationals to Compete in the US

ESports    |    Winter Sports     |    MMA     |   NHL, MLS, MLB

Agents, Promoters & Team Owners

  • You sponsor (petition for) the individual or group
  • Can be for a single event, a tour, or competition
  • Great option for the up and coming eSports (competitive gaming) world

or Groups

  • Must be internationally recognized
  • Event must be well recognized
  • Documented participation in international events
  • Proof of international ranking or standing

Application Requirements

  • Petitioner must present a contract
  • Proof of international recognition
  • Must have the approval of a labor organization
  • Detailed itinerary

Understand the Options

Watch: The Basics of the P Visa

Mira: Fundamentos de la Visa P

Christine Swenson, quoted in UPCOMER Online

The P visa is best for those who are earning a salary from their team, especially when some, if not most of that team’s income is being derived from the very events the team is participating in.

The US Sports & Entertainment markets demand the greatest talent to be successful

If the next superstar currently lives and works outside the US, petitioning for a P visa on their behalf could allow them to join your team, compete, or tour. This visa is a great opportunity for eSports; individual athletes for sports such as skiing, track & field, and triathlon; and players for major league teams such as the NHL, MLS, and MLB.


Your talented superstar won’t have to leave their families behind – there is a family version of the P visa available. Essential support personnel, such as coaches, trainers, have options too.


By working with an experienced immigration attorney, like Swenson Law Office, PC, you and your talent will be in the best position to be approved with as little hassle as possible.

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