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Need to Visit the US for Business? Here’s how the B-1 Visa Could Help

If you need to come to the United States temporarily to conduct business, the B-1 Visa is likely one of the easiest options for you. This type of visa is easy to apply for, and generally gets approved quite quickly as long as you meet the requirements.
Traveling for Business
The first requirement is that you must be coming to the US for business. There are many different business activities that qualify, including consulting, hiring, settling an estate, participating in or providing training, conducting scientific research, attending or presenting at a convention, or terminating an employee. This is just a partial list. Most types of business activity will qualify.
Length of Stay
This is strictly a temporary visa, and your total length of stay needs to be known before you will be approved. The initial visit can be approved for between one and six months. If needed, you can apply for an extension of six more months. The total time in the United States under the B-1 visa will need to be one year or less.
Foreign Residence
Anyone coming to the United States on the B-1 visa needs to maintain a residence outside the US that they have no intention of abandoning. This is necessary to prove that you will not attempt to remain in the US beyond the length of the visa.
Traveling with Family
If you would like your spouse or children to come with you on the trip, they must each apply for a B-2 visa and meet all necessary requirements. The B-1 visa is only for the actual person who will be conducting business.
Applying for the B-1 Visa
The application process will go through the Department of State. actual application paperwork needs to be filled out completely, and any Employment Authorization Documents will need to be submitted along with the initial paperwork. While this type of visa typically gets approved quickly, it is best to apply as soon as you know that the travel will take place.
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