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For Your Family

  • Sponsor a spouse, parent or child
  • Obtain a waiver for past immigration violations

For Yourself

  • Apply for US citizenship
  • Obtain a waiver
  • If you were a victim of a crime or domestic violence, there are visas to protect you

Immigration Services

  • Obtain US Citizenship
  • Apply for residency (green card)
  • Protection through VAWA, U or T visas

Understand the Options

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Mira: ¿Tiene un plan familiar?

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Mira: Por qué documentar tu vida en los Estados Unidos es tan importante

Christine Swenson was very attentionful throughout the whole process.

Our process was not easy but it was easy and smooth with her. We felt really comfortable and safe with her.

We couldn't be happier for having had her in our case. She is a great lawyer and a wonderful person.

Kitipong S.

Honest, affordable, and compassionate advocacy for non-US citizens

United States immigration laws are complex and constantly changing. It can be tempting to try to handle the process alone to save money, but it rarely works out well in the end. Small problems or oversights can lead to denial and deportation.

Hispanic immigrants are frequently victimized by notarios, who are not attorneys in the US. Notarios do not know US immigration laws, cannot give you legal advice, and are not able to represent you in court or for a petition. Immigrants who have been defrauded are often unwilling to contact the police.

Ensure your ability to obtain US citizenship by working with a trusted immigration attorney from the beginning. Swenson Law Office, PC, has years of successful experience with situations just like yours.