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Employment Based (EB) Visas

  • Extraordinary ability or achievements, demonstrated by a significant award
  • Outstanding professor or researcher
  • Multinational manager or executive

H1-B Visas

  • For specialty occupations
  • H-1B qualifying professions

P & O Visas


TN Visas

  • Canadian & Mexican professionals
  • Temporary visa
  • NAFTA qualifying occupation
  • Proof of work for US company

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Business immigration law categories are subjected to a per-country limit: “no more than 7 percent of the visas may be issued to natives of any one independent country in a [given] fiscal year,” indicates US Citizenship and Immigration Service. As a result, these business visas are divided into preference categories, favoring those with more sophisticated training, expertise, and skills.

In obtaining an employment based immigrant visa classification, the first step is to request and receive an approved immigrant petition qualifying the foreign national in one of the identified categories. It may be necessary for an employer to undergo labor certification. Once the petition is approved, immigration and naturalization services may file for permanent resident status either abroad (called consular processing) or while in the US (called adjustment of status).

Regardless of the type of visa the foreign national you want to hire requires, Swenson Law Office PC has the expertise and understanding of the requirements to guide you effectively.

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