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Defense Strategies   |   Targeted for Removal

Targeted for Removal

  • Threatened with being reported
  • Overstayed your visa
  • Worked without permission
  • Received Notice to Appear
  • In custody at a detention facility

Defense Strategies

  • Cancellation of removal
  • Asylum
  • Adjust your immigration status through a spousal petition
  • U or T visas for certain crime victims
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for domestic violence survivors

Immigration Services

  • Deportation Defense
  • US Citizenship
  • Seek a waiver
  • Obtain a green card (residency)
  • Protection through U or T visas or VAWA

Understand the Options

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Sulav R.

I highly recommend Christine and her Staff. Every single member of her team was very friendly, respectful and really took the time to understand the situation.


After learning about my case, she took the time to describe it to us and helped understand the situation better. I have used other lawyers in past for different legal matters and I have never seen this level of dedication to a client by the lawyers themselves. I am usually accustomed to seeing them a few times and that's usually about it.


Christine was different. We could reach her anytime and her staff would promptly reply to all my emails and phone calls within no time. Christine successfully helped my wife obtain her Green Card. Their work was very professional and was always beyond my expectations. I cannot recommend her enough.

We are on your side.

The threat of removal, or deportation, can be terrifying. The best approach is to reach out to a qualified attorney BEFORE you have any contact with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

We will help you understand your rights and make sure you know what not to say to DHS because they will use everything you say against you. In too many cases, immigrants give up their rights because DHS officials claim they are going to help you. They are not going to help you!

You need honest legal advice from an experienced immigration attorney as quickly as possible to protect yourself and your family. Failing to do so can have devastating consequences to you and your loved ones.


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