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I got a notice to appear

The Notice to Appear is issued by the Immigration Court and it specifically explains why they want to remove you from the US or prevent your entry into the US. 

It will contain the allegations against you, the charges that have been filed, and a specific Master Calendar Hearing date. This is the time you must appear before the court.

It may come in the mail, be handed directly to you by an ICE employee or by an immigration judge. 

Do not admit to any allegations or charges until you have a consultation with an immigration attorney. Contact us now. 


I did the application myself and I made a mistake

If you filed your own petition and have already attended your interview, you will likely wait three to five months before you receive a Notice to Appear. If you know already that something was incorrect, now is the time -- before any further contact from the Immigration Court -- to see if the application can be fixed.

Contact us immediately for a consultation.


I've been asked for something I don't understand 

If you've been asked for something you don't understand, please don't make the mistake of ignoring the request or providing what you think is the answer. Contact an immigration attorney immediately, so that you don't accidentally damage your case.


My loved one has been arrested by ICE

If the arrest has already happened, gather up all the documentation you have and contact us immediately.

If you are worried that an arrest is coming soon, download our Family Plan (below) and complete it, so that your family is prepared. Then cut out the instructions on what to say to an immigration official and put it in your wallet. 

It's always better to reach out to an immigration attorney before the arrest. Contact us now. 


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