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Understand Your Options

Preparing Proper Applications       

Identify Alternatives   

Coping with Changing Regulationss


Obtain Legal Status

For yourself: citizenship

Sponsor a parent, child or spouse for residency

Get a waiver for past bad conduct

Secure your advocate now to make the process as smooth as possible.


Hire Foreign Nationals

Specialized talent not found in the US workforce.

Ensure your H-1B application is accepted on April 1

Start the processes to hire permanently


Be Prepared

Before you are arrested by ICE

Consult an immigration attorney to learn what defenses you have


Recruit the Elite

Athletes, entertainers, and artists

Promoters, agents, and team owners start the process

Gain specialized advice from experienced attorneys

Swenson Law Office works on immigration matters for those who want to enter or stay in the US legally.

Be Prepared Before ICE Gets Involved

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